Financial Institutions

Our platform provides financial organizations with the ability to integrate financial products and services with digital wallets and blockchain networks. With respect to authentication and attestations, the wallet-based approach makes it faster and significantly less expensive to authenticate users and verify their financial history and records. Regarding digital assets, our platform allows organizations to operate retail solutions involving tokenized financial and real world assets in a user-friendly, secure, and compliant manner.


Authenticating individuals in vulnerable conditions, delivering aid efficiently, and tracking social impact are among the top challenges NGOs face. Our platform enables universally verifiable digital IDs and attestations for essential claims including medical records, educational history, and skill certificates.  Additionally, it supports the issuance and redemption of cross border tokenized vouchers that can be tailored for specific purposes, traceable in real time and customized to meet monitoring requirements.


Establishing modern means for digital interaction with citizens is crucial for governments, since this allows them to issue a new generation of digital IDs and credentials for remote authentication and access to digital public and private services, while preserving a role established in the social contract that private tech providers have been replacing given their capacity to  provide user-friendly solutions through massively consumed entertainment platforms.  Our platform provides pioneer for governments to establish wallet-based interactions with citizens. This enables digital IDs, universally verifiable documents, real-time updates of civil registries, , indisputable tele-voting, and conditional subsidies, among other features.


Our platform facilitates the issuance, management, presentation, and verification of digital diplomas and records.  Diplomas, signers, workflows, and dashboards can be customized, offering unparalleled features such as revocability and real-time monitoring of diploma lifecycles post-issuance. Beyond diplomas, the platform can timestamp original academic work to safeguard copyrights, prevent tampering, and identify AI-generated content. Moreover, our tools support wallet-based tuition payments, financial aid, and the gamification of learning activities.


Our platform facilitates  wallet-based interactions between patients and healthcare stakeholders such as insurance providers, medical centers, pharmacies, and laboratories. By utilizing universally verifiable digital credentials, it is possible to eliminate fraud and tampering in areas like insurance, drug traceability, treatment consents, vaccination certificates, health histories, and lab results.


The current engagement between companies and users is often hindered by the limitations of existing communication channels. Wallet-based loyalty programs introduce a new method for delivering communication, coupons, discounts, and promotions to individuals or groups, which can be  tailored on-the-fly by enterprises.  For these businesses, AI integration enables crafting campaigns that heighten user engagement and satisfaction.  For users, this approach not only maximizes the benefits from preferred companies and products but also grants the freedom to decline unwanted communications. Morevoer,  vouchers, coupons, and discounts can be managed and redeemed directly from the wallet.

Food & Sustainability

The food and sustainability sectors are shifting towards enhanced transparency, traceability, and accountability. Shifts in regulatory policies and increasing consumer awareness underscore the demand for novel verification techniques. Our platform facilitates the issuance of verifiable certificates of origin, supply chain tracking, and quality certifications, to name a few. It also supports direct incentives to producers, tracking of emissions linked to production and supply chains, enabling the introduction of tokenized carbon credits into existing marketplaces, and rewarding recycling and eco-friendly consumer habits.


Public and private enterprises are committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. Our platform provides means for better health and well-being through digital certificates and records (SDG3), quality education through verifiable academic histories and gamification in learning processes (SDG4), the reduction of inequality through increased accessibility to digital services in rural areas using digital wallets, plus faster and transparent aid delivery through tokenized vouchers (SDG10), sustainable cities and communities by tracking consumption and incentivizing conscious behaviors (SDG11), responsible consumption and production by mapping carbon footprints and incentivizing low emissions (SDG12), climate action by enabling carbon credit and biodiversity token markets, and (SDG16) peace, justice, and strong institutions by enhancing government-to-citizen digital interactions and e-services (SG17).